About Me

Zach Ribble

As a kid, Zach Ribble wrote hundreds of pages of stories but never finished any book he started. Over twenty years later, after suffering with debilitating anxiety that brought him closer to God, he felt motivated to finish his first book so he could help others break the chains.

More About Me

He has worked as a journalist and a public relations specialist and has won numerous awards as a human resource specialist for his ability to help others find jobs that fit their personality and strengths.

When he isn’t working, he is passionate about growing in Christ, bringing others closer to the Lord, and engaging in his hobbies. Besides writing, Zach enjoys football, basketball, board games, and spending time with his family. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and two girls, Alexis and Zoe, in Michigan. He hopes his readers will learn there is always hope and peace in Jesus Christ.

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